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Our CBD oils start with hemp crops grown in the United States. We test all raw materials, and finished products to ensure that there are no pesticides, solvents, or other unwanted chemicals. Our KG7 Mint CBD Oil has Zero THC, and is independent lab certified for your peace of mind.

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CBD oil has been the most common way to use CBD for some time, KG7 offers our refreshing Mint 500mg CBD oil for those looking for versatility and ease-of-use.

KG7 Mint CBD Oil is formulated with American-farmed CBD, MCT oil, and Turmeric to help your body perform better.

The most common way people like you use CBD Oil is by placing a dropper full into their mouths, but some other ways are mixing into your favorite drinks, adding to a snack or dessert, and many more!

Please take a moment to a view all of our products here.

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Extracted using industry leading technology, our method ensures high quality CBD and 0% THC extraction. But the staff here at KG7 are more than just “workers”. We are a network of CBD farmers, cultivators, and experts with a passion and purpose.


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