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Smash CBD Drink Mix – 25 mg


Smash your day with our CBD Drink Smash Mix that has 25MG of CBD! An active lifestyle has you always on the go, and these packets are perfect to take anywhere so you always have your CBD fix ready! Just mix the CBD Drink Smash mix into your water and get to work with KG7! Our CBD Smash Drink Mix is made with our high-quality CBD and has no THC included. Please take a moment to a view all of our products here.

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Ready to smash that workout? KG7’s smash CBD Drink mix is easy to mix into your favorite shaker cup and replenish your body with 25mg of CBD!

Our CBD energy drinks come in a travel-friendly powder you can slip into a backpack or slide into a pocket. Choose your favorite liquid and stir the powder right in. Each packet contains 25mg of CBD.

Please take a moment to a view all of our products here.

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Dimensions 40 × 35 × 50 cm


Extracted using industry leading technology, our method ensures high quality CBD and 0% THC extraction. But the staff here at KG7 are more than just “workers”. We are a network of CBD farmers, cultivators, and experts with a passion and purpose.


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